the value of life

7. září 2011 v 3:10
Do not let the frustration of yesterday make the tomorrow dream overshadowed!

  In a talk at the meeting, a famous orator each about an opening, the hands are held up a $ 20 bill.

  200 people face in the room, he asked: "Who needs the 20 dollars?" A hand went up. He added: "I intend to give this $ 20 one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing." He crumpled the note said, then asked: "Who should? "some people still raise their hands. He added: "So, what will happen if I do it?" He notes thrown on the ground, and set foot on one foot, and grind it with their feet. Then he picked up the money, money has become dirty and wrinkled.

  "Now who should?" Or someone raised his hand.Smějící se

  "My friends, you have a lesson in meaningful lessons. No matter how I treat money goes, you still want it because it did not depreciate, it is still the value of $ 20. Life on the road, we will many times by their own decision or encounter adversity down, humiliated and even grind to pieces, and we seem to feel worthless, but no matter what happens or what will happen in God's eyes, you will never lose value in his view , dirty or clean, dress uniform or ragged, you still priceless. "

  Tips: the value of life does not rely on what we do, we make the characters do not rely on, but on our own! We are unique - never forget it!

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