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Corruption of blood: death

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Nuclear explosion: heat fusion of the Tera online nuclei will trigger a big explosion, for 0 yards of the target caused 450000-550000 all points of fire damage. If the wings of death in the explosion within the explosion is powerful enough to peel off the source of quality armor.

Shock star: horror fusion has destroyed all enemy targets maximum health reduced by 6%. Regardless of how the state of nuclei, this effect occurs, the stack up to 15 times.

Corruption of blood: death: death of the corrupt wing of the blood flow into your blood. If not quickly remove the corrupt will be occupying your body, so that players infected with the burning of the wings of death the blood. This buy wow gold effect is dispelled, it will bounce to a new target, and can be turned into corruption of blood: the earth.

The burning of the wings of death the blood: the burning of the wings of death the blood in your veins from the intense explosion, and several other players you create 787500-962500 Fire damage.

Corruption of blood: the earth: Naisa Rio's shadow into your Tera account blood. If not quickly remove the corrupt will be occupying your body, so that players infection Naisa Leo's blood. This effect is dispelled, it will bounce to a new target, and can be turned into corruption of blood: death.

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You are eligible to consider any personality that you would wish to perform

23. září 2011 v 4:22
In dream games, also called part doing offers, a player can take charge of one or more virtual representations of personnel. In other words, a Cheap Tera gold player may assume the actual part of any character within the imaginary piece from the sport. The video games possess particular rules and regulations, and also the personality has to abide by the guidelines as well as consider right actions to earn the actual video games. In some games, you are only allowed to play the role of the lead or brave personality. Such environment, another figures, such as villainous types produce trouble that you should make it happen or earn the game.
In some additional fantasy video games, you are eligible to consider any personality that you would wish to perform, including negative types. You need to see the goal of the character as well as strive to accomplish this. You may also choose multiplayer dream video games online that permit more than one person to play the game at the same time. Someone may presume the role of different figures and perform accordingly. Such games, every person gets a chance to slip directly into some role and perform the tasks which will lead to the triumph. For example, in several free war games, there's two to 3 teams that fight with each other. In such games, three friends may assume the actual role of gang frontrunners and perform to eliminate one another. This kind of games increase the proficiency level of the sport. A few this kind of Cheap WoW gold games tend to be Online Casinos, Blackjack, Internet poker, Roulette, and so on.

Korean online games also look at four countries on the tour orthodox martial arts

17. září 2011 v 8:49
Li Gui Korean online games also look at four countries on the tour orthodox martial arts

   2011 formally to our side, for the Chinese players, will undoubtedly be a rich harvest of years of martial arts games. Japan and South Korea face a number of online games in 2010 was the introduction of Chinese desire to come back again the trend of Korean martial arts online game works also set off a fever.

  2011 formally to our side, for the Chinese players, will undoubtedly be a rich harvest of years of martial arts games. Japan and South Korea face a number of online games in 2010 was the introduction of Chinese desire to come back again the trend of Korean martial arts online game works also set off a fever.

  In addition to confirmation by the Tencent agents known to combat the core of a South Korean action online games, will debut in 2011, or martial arts classes online as well as domestic players widely expect the " sword of the Spirit "," TERA gold "and" Ancient Century "and so on.

   As the initial stage in China's online game players will be well known for the domestic Korean online games have come because of its usual gorgeous looks, the domestic players are called "kimchi game." In fact, the nature of online games in addition to kimchi, the players also feel the updated version of its plug-in, and the lag caused trouble to the majority of players. But these are not important, most martial arts as a ghostwriter of the quintessence of Chinese culture, has always been the backbone of China-made online games, and in the hearts of people, for the martial arts are more understanding of Korean martial arts game producer is more profound.

  Since China's first martial arts online game "Heroes of Jin Yong," Since the birth, in the hearts, gave martial arts class player online games work left many impressed with praise. In 2011, the "human resource configurations", "sword 2", " Swordsman "martial arts such as the cheap rs gold representative of China-made online games for its fine 3D picture, the martial arts culture are strong enough to allow Li Gui four of the Korean online games have fear.

the game TERA's two core: action and depth

13. září 2011 v 7:53
  "TERA" English is the key demo experience PVP
  En Masse's "TERA" has invited the media held a small exhibition, MMORPG in the foreign media published a demo after demo report.
  Producer Chris Hager and producer assistant Stefan Ramirez first carried out some simple explanations. They told us the game's two core: action and depth. Action part of the action from the realistic fighting. First, we need to know is, Tera's goal of fighting is not automatically to the center. Unless your mouse has pointed to the monster, otherwise you can not hit. The same is true in the treatment mechanism. You need to stare at your enemy, in the moment of attack when the mouse leave. At the same time there will not be reading of spells and skills are instantaneous. Charge may require the game world, but they are effective immediately.Chris and Stefan also hope that we should not focus only on the fighting game. "Tera" of the world there are many others equally weighty. Game has the world's most famous fantasy writer (RK MacPherson is one) to write the grand story. Cover story of the world, including 80 regions, 25 cities and villages, and more than 1,000 missions for players to experience.
  Politics: The rule of territorial
  Although the "Tera" the world is not hostile to each other factions to create conflict, but the friction between groups and trade unions in the game induced by the political system, the occurrence of the struggle is inevitable. Trade unions and individual players can rule by political campaigns to the game world, 18 territories (Greyhounds are each divided into several regional) one. The Vanarch (Lord) can improve and set everything within the tax territory. If necessary, they can even turn off the territories of the auction. Lord can be blood and iron, and the game's PVP game rules, or you can win over other players with the respect and votes to win. This system is really interesting is that players will be how to understand it, and how to rule their own territory.
  PVP server to server
  Stefan and Chris are happy and mysterious tell us the PVP server to server will be available as the game open. They want PVP players can battle, this is a PVP server to server system. They can not explain too much detail, but they referred to the entire server will be able to invade other server where the incentives and predatory wealth. Players can invasion, defense, counterattack or even all the way to catch each other's territory in the server.
  Then finally to the demo section. My role is to "epee warrior (Slayer)", has a deadly melee attack dual wielding weapons career. My colleague Carolyn selected the "Slayers (Sorcerer)". The Stenfan is the name of "priest (Priest)", Chris is our "sword fighter (Warrior)" tank, and the other developers joined in, select the "Archer (Archer)" for the team to provide remote output. This time we came to a copy of the game late, chase the big villain Argons to one of their nests, there are many to be the metal of the undead. Our goal? Naturally get rid of them.
  In our demo, the available kill the little monster, which allows us to appreciate the good fight and professional. Epee warrior control is very flexible, you can hold down the left main weapon has been waved, and then is press the appropriate number of skills. Holding two weapons, epee warriors seem to focus on the single damage output, but as long as there are multiple monsters around, I can hit the three.Immediate concern at the way boss, a great team in front of argon, it has four legs, and a Shuozhuang tail, some of the hand with a sharp blade. Our tank skilled control argon, and I use some of the crystal to increase the crit chance and stayed behind the Boss. argon is very interesting battle, he would be crazy to jump around randomly in the room, occasionally we will be playing half to death, fortunately, our pastor always able to force out of the woods. It also frequently called devil to increase the difficulty of fighting. But our archers a good deal out of them. We have five, and spent a lot of cooperative effort just stick with it, avoid injury, and eventually knocked out of this guy.
  Overall my first "Tera" great experience. I tried to fight and to understand why the game can get E3 awards. Fighting, especially the hearty, and the balance in the team did very well. Although we have not seen the scene and interesting single-game field, but if the En Masse to ensure the quality of the game are the same as a copy of the perfect, then it is definitely a game worth looking forward to.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal's (D, Conn.) proposed "Personal Data Protection"

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 Sen. Richard Blumenthal's (D, Conn.) proposed "Personal Data Protection and Breach Accountability Act of 2011" comes as concern grows over keeping, using and protecting vast amounts of online personal data vulnerable to attack.
  The measure would require businesses with private information of more than 10,000 customers to implement privacy and security programs for storing the information, and respond quickly to intrusions.
  If passed into law, the Justice Department would be able to give away fines of $5,000 per violation daily, having a maximum of $20 million per infringement. In addition, businesses that ignore the new data protection law may need to pay for 2 yrs of credit monitoring, and may be susceptible to civil litigation.
  "The goal from the proposed law is essentially to hold accountable the companies and entities that store private information and private data and to deter data breaches," Blumenthal said. "While looking at past data breaches, I have been struck with how many are preventable."
  Blumenthal vocally criticized Sony's handling of an attack on its servers, which compromised data from 77 million customers. Soon after Sony disclosed the breach, the senator pressed Sony President Jack Tretton to explain the company's six-day delay before notifying customers.
  When the new bill passes, customers will be able to sue companies that do not take adequate security precautions.
  "The Sony data breach has become a poster child of why we need this law," Blumenthal said. "We were working on this legislation prior to that data breach occurred, but Sony is a great one of why this law should exist."
  The legislation also boosts the criminal penalties for id theft and other crimes such as concealing a burglar breach involving sensitive personal data or installing a data collection program on someone's computer.

the value of life

7. září 2011 v 3:10
Do not let the frustration of yesterday make the tomorrow dream overshadowed!

  In a talk at the meeting, a famous orator each about an opening, the hands are held up a $ 20 bill.

  200 people face in the room, he asked: "Who needs the 20 dollars?" A hand went up. He added: "I intend to give this $ 20 one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing." He crumpled the note said, then asked: "Who should? "some people still raise their hands. He added: "So, what will happen if I do it?" He notes thrown on the ground, and set foot on one foot, and grind it with their feet. Then he picked up the money, money has become dirty and wrinkled.

  "Now who should?" Or someone raised his hand.Smějící se

  "My friends, you have a lesson in meaningful lessons. No matter how I treat money goes, you still want it because it did not depreciate, it is still the value of $ 20. Life on the road, we will many times by their own decision or encounter adversity down, humiliated and even grind to pieces, and we seem to feel worthless, but no matter what happens or what will happen in God's eyes, you will never lose value in his view , dirty or clean, dress uniform or ragged, you still priceless. "

  Tips: the value of life does not rely on what we do, we make the characters do not rely on, but on our own! We are unique - never forget it!